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Dreaming of tracking elephants across the savannah, helping rural farmers conserve through traditional agriculture, or restoring corals in the Adriatic sea? You’re just who we’re looking for.



Find your perfect placement below. We run year-round so you can travel when it works for you.

Volunteer Placements 2021

440.00 A Female African elephant (Loxodonta africana) displaying a warning as she crosses the road in Hluhluwe Game Reserve. Animal Behaviour Volunteering

Volunteer Placement: Animal Behavior & Human-Wildlife Conflict in Dinokeng Game Reserve

Project Summary
Join us in the Dinokeng Reserve (DGR), a unique public-private partnership that is home to the African Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant) as well as 170

590.00 2 Scuba Divers diving in the Adriatic Sea from the Silba Island Marine Conservation Base and Dive Centre in Croatia

Volunteer Placement: Sustainable Development and Marine Research on Silba Island

Project Summary
Soak in the beauty of Silba, a tiny island in the Adriatic Sea, where marine life thrives in pristine turquoise waters outside Croatia’s bustling tourism circuit. We are

520.00 Cheetah Tongue licking predator research conservation volunteering placement South Africa

Volunteer Placement: Predator Research & Reserve Management in Kruger National Park

Project Summary 
Step into South Africa’s Kruger National Park, one of the most famous game reserves in the world. We work with volunteers like you to monitor and protect the

510.00 boat tours on rivers in krka national park croatia

Volunteer Placement: Sustainable Wildlife Management and Development in Krka National Park

Project Summary
Welcome to Croatia, one of Europe’s top tourist destinations for nature and culture. Join us to escape Croatia’s crowded tourist track and help protect the hidden treasures within

510.00 Bird Watching Conservation over the Angofa Valley in Transylvania, Romania

Volunteer Placement: Wildlife Research and Sustainable Tourism Development in Transylvania

Project Summary
Step back in time to the Medieval landscapes of Transylvania, where bears and wolves still roam the hills around cobblestoned villages. We work with volunteers like you to

While you're abroad, brush up on high-demand skills like diving, GIS, and sustainable development.

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