Peruvian Amazon Wildlife Conservation Adventure



If you’re looking to experience the magic of the Amazon while helping protect its incredible biodiversity, this is the tour for you.

Visit the Rio Amazonas Research Station outside of Iquitos, Peru, for an unforgettable adventure where you’ll spot dolphins, monkeys, macaws, caiman, anacondas, giant otters, and more. This is not your typical Amazon Rainforest tour; while you are based at the research station, you will help local and international scientists monitor and protect local wildlife, too.

You’ll spend your time with the team aboard the floating Rio Amazonas Research Station in comfortable rooms with hot showers, satellite internet, delicious food, a tropical bar, and plenty of activities to keep you engaged onshore.

Tour dates and lengths are flexible to your needs but most guests visit for 4D/3N (see potential itinerary). Please send an inquiry if you would like to stay for longer or conduct research while on board.



The price listed above is the per-person cost for an all-inclusive 4D/3N tour starting and finishing in Iquitos, Peru. You will need to organize your own international flights to and from Iquitos (not accessible by road), as well as any additional paperwork needed to visit Peru. Our team will happily consult and provide advice for flights, visas, and local Covid-19 policies if you have any questions.

Once you have booked your places and flights, please send your flight information to sophia (at) friendsofwallacea (dot) org. We will confirm your transfer information ahead of your arrival in Iquitos and you will be picked up by a local service that will take you to your hotel on the first night.


The exact activities and order of events in this itinerary are flexible based on your interests, arrival time, and weather conditions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific research or sightseeing interests and our team will do our best to accommodate! This tour is designed to provide a full Amazon experience structured around helping you spot incredible wildlife and supporting biodiversity research.

Arrival Day

Your Amazon experience begins in the bustling city of Iquitos in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, after a short flight from Lima, or Cuzco, where you will be picked up by a local transfer. You will stay in the Hotel Casa Morey, a mansion built during the rubber boom era in 1910 and recently restored to a four-star hotel. The ambiance of Victorian times will surround you with high ceilings, chandeliers, antique tiles, and period furnishings. Relax in the courtyard and swimming pool, view the riverfront promenade, or read in the well-stocked library.

Day One

The following morning, after a buffet breakfast, you will go by car to the town of Omaguas, situated on the banks of the mighty Amazon River. You will board a boat to take you to the Station, a wonderful and exciting ride of one hour. When you arrive at the Research Station steamship friendly Station staff will explain the surroundings as you enjoy a buffet lunch.

An afternoon excursion will take you on your first exploration of the forests along the Yarapa River, observing water birds and dolphins amongst the wonders of the evergreen forests. Afternoon tea and a sunset bar await you on your return to the riverboat. After dinner, you can either enjoy the starlit night or watch the classic film β€œFitzcarraldo” with popcorn and drinks.


Day Two


After an early coffee on the ship, you will head out birdwatching to spot and count local species. Keep an eye out for colorful macaws, toucans, tanagers, and even the massive harpy eagle. Early morning is also a great time to spot primates; your guide will point out any species they see so you can look and take photos.

Back on board, you’ll have breakfast then head to a local indigenous community to learn about life in the Amazon and how these communities care for their forests. In the afternoon, you will embark on a small boat to float downriver and fish for freshwater species; if you do well, you may even catch your dinner! Later in the evening, join the research team to survey and observe nocturnal species such as bats, frogs, and caiman.


Day Three

After a hearty breakfast on the ship, you will head to the shore with our research team to trek in the forest in search of primates and signs of other mammals. You may even have the opportunity to support local research efforts by recording footprints, scat, and primate sightings.

In the afternoon, we’ll head out in search of pink and gray river dolphins, one of the most iconic species of this region. These dolphins are very sensitive to their local environment and have been pushed out of their habitats in other areas of the Amazon. We have a strong population here so you will have a good chance to spot these rare animals!


Day Four

On your final day at the Rio Amazonas Research Station, you’ll spend the morning quietly paddling the river in a canoe with your guide to spot river species. We’ll share a farewell lunch together on board before making your way back to Iquitos the way you arrived.


What's Included

What's Included

The Peruvian Amazon Wildlife Conservation Adventure is all-inclusive starting from Iquitos. Your booking at the price listed includes:

  • Transfers from Iquitos <> Research Station <> Iquitos
  • Three meals per day while onboard (snacks and bar services not included)
  • All wildlife tours and community visits with local and international scientist guides
  • Equipment required for tours including binoculars, guidebooks, rubber boots etc.
  • Access to all facilities on board the research station
  • Standard double room with en-suite bathroom (single and family rooms available for an additional fee, please inquire)