Guyana Conservation Adventure Tour

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Ready for an adventure that leaves a positive impact? Visit the remote village of Warapoka to help protect unique wildlife and endangered cultures for future generations.

Warapoka is home to 600 indigenous Warau people that own and protect 101 km2 of land in Northwestern Guyana (Region 1), only 20 miles inland from the coast as the crow flies. The Warau are one of Guyana’s smallest indigenous communities who traditionally live subsistence lifestyles in the rainforests and canals of the Waini River. As gold mining threatens the region, Warapoka is fighting against biodiversity loss by developing a cozy and rustic eco-lodge in the center of their village as a launchpad for scientific research and wildlife and cultural tourism.




Warapoka partnered with Friends of Wallacea to develop a week-long itinerary that shows you the best of the rainforest and Warau culture while giving back by helping scientists and indigenous guides monitor local wildlife. Guyana is full of Amazon giants, so join us for a chance to spot harpy eagles, anacondas, and even jaguars and giant anteaters on the camera traps. Every visit helps the Warapoka community understand and conserve these animals more effectively.

Check out the daily itinerary below for more information on what to expect on the trip.


You should book your flight to arrive at Cheddi Jagan International airport by 4 PM on the Sunday start date. You will be greeted at the airport by your guide and meet the rest of the group to be transferred to your hotel in Georgetown.

Day One: Sunday

Meet your guide at Cheddi Jagan International Airport and enjoy the 45-minute drive along the Demerara River into Georgetown. You will be dropped at your hotel to freshen up, then join the group to taste your first traditional Guyanese dinner at a local restaurant. 

At dinner, your local guide will brief you on your journey to Warapoka tomorrow and what to expect throughout the week.

Day Two: Monday

You will be picked up in the early morning by your guide to transfer you to Ogle Airport with a packed breakfast. The small charter flight will take you and your group to Bemichi airstrip (~1 hr) where you will hop on a 2.5-hr boat ride through the jungle to Warapoka.

In Warapoka, you’ll be greeted with fresh coconuts by the local tourism committee and given access to your room before joining the group for lunch al fresco on the verandah. As the sun sets, head back out on the Waini river for an evening of shrimp fishing (you’ll eat what you catch later!) and stargazing before dinner.

Day Three: Tuesday

Time to go birdwatching! Prepare for an early start with a cup of local coffee and a packed breakfast as we walk through the village to a harpy eagle nest. You’ll be helping ornithologists monitor the biodiversity in the area, so keep your eyes and ears open. Don’t worry, they’ll teach you how to look!

After the birds, you’ll meet Uncle Henry to roast and taste your own coffee (prepared the Warapoka way!) and taste local delicacies.

After lunch, we’ll check the weather and go searching for anacondas or head onto the trails to check our camera traps and search for primates. When we get back, hop in the river for a cooling swim before dinner.

In the evening, expect a lecture on Warapoka’s incredible biodiversity from one of our visiting naturalists.

Day Four: Wednesday

No rest for the wicked! If you are traveling in June-September, we’ll be monitoring some incredible birds, the Agami heron, at a site deep in the forest along the river. We’ll leave early with a packed breakfast, then row into a small canal where they nest. Want to help your guide? Ask for a paddle.

We’ll return to the lodge for lunch, then visit one of the oldest members of the Warapoka community, Auntie Irene, to learn about traditional crafts. Keep some cash on hand to buy souvenirs and make sure to ask lots of questions!

At dinner, you’ll receive a briefing and lecture from our herpetologist before hitting the trails in search of snakes, lizards, and frogs. You’ll have a guide and scientist with you to keep you safe at all times. The rainforest after dark is a totally different place; keep your eyes peeled for night monkeys and armadillos!

Day Five: Thursday

We’ll have an early breakfast at the lodge before heading out on a canoe-based bird or mammal survey in Warapoka creek. Once we get back, we’ll hear from an indigenous plant expert about medicinal species in the area and have a chance to taste some wild jungle fruits.

Right after lunch, we’ll head out to Luri Creek for some tarpon fishing. Even if you’re not a fishing enthusiast, catching tarpon is a blast. Plus, keep an eye out for harpy eagles and anacondas along the river as you travel downstream. There’s a big nest along the creek so you may just get lucky.

As we head back at dusk, we’ll try to spot caiman to study this species along the river. After dinner, enjoy a lecture from one of our naturalists and an early night. It’s been a long day!

Day Six: Friday

On our last morning, we’ll have a final breakfast at the lodge before heading across the village to Alaka Creek with another chance for birding along the way. We’ll arrive at a 7000-year old shell mound (archeological site) that belonged to Warapoka’s ancestors then take a canoe ride up the creek for a chance to see anaconda, giant otters, deer, and other species.

We’ll be picked up by a motorboat at the Barimani River mouth and head off in search of anaconda (weather dependent) before heading back to the lodge for an early lunch and sendoff.

At lunch, you’ll have a chance to see the Warapoka cultural committee perform and have a chance to share cultural experiences from home, too. A boat will come to pick you up to take you back to Bemichi Airport for your early afternoon flight. Say farewell to your new friends in Warapoka and start planning your next visit!

Once back in Georgetown, we’ll transfer you back to your hotel and have a quiet dinner to give you time to rest after your journey.

Day Seven: Saturday

A final adventure before you head home. We’ll be heading to a jewel of Guyana, Kaieteur Falls!

You’ll be picked up at your hotel by your guide and head back to Ogle Airport a final time to hop on the charter flight to Kaieteur. Overfly the falls, then land and explore this incredible microclimate around the largest single-drop waterfall in the world.

After a packed lunch, we’ll head back to Georgetown and drop you off at your hotel to clean up. Dinner will be a feast at one of the best restaurants in town, so get ready. Enjoy a final night with your group and guide to round out the week.

Day Eight: Sunday

If you are traveling home, you’ll be transferred to Cheddi Jagan airport 3.5 hours before your flight (traffic in Georgetown can get bad!). We’ll hope to see you back in Guyana soon!

If you will be traveling on within Guyana, this is farewell from us. Enjoy the rest of this beautiful country! If you have questions or would like help organizing your trip, we would be more than happy to advise, so please reach out. Our local guides are experts on the best Guyana has to offer.





Warapoka has a small tourist lodge with six rooms, all equipped with Queen beds, mosquito nets, a small table and stool, a mirror, a shower, and a flushing toilet. The rooms are comfortable but rustic, keeping you in close connection with the rainforest nearby. You can share a room with a partner or pay a single room supplement for the week to enjoy your privacy. The rooms will easily accommodate two people. 

The lodge is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset over the river from the verandah sipping a fresh coconut or fall asleep to the sounds of the forest after a long day of exploring.