Carpathian Bear Safari

3-4 hours
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Explore the striking valleys of the Carpathian valleys at dusk to search for Europe’s largest population of brown bears, as well as deer, foxes, and wild boar.

Our most popular tour takes you on a safari-style experience through the ancient oak woods that characterize Transylvania’s hillsides. You will be guided in a 4×4 vehicle and on foot through areas where bears and other fauna are known to feed and rest, optimizing opportunities for you to spot these beautiful animals.

While we cannot guarantee a bear sighting on every excursion, we do guarantee an unforgettable adventure! Drink in the beauty of the Transylvanian countryside at sunset while enjoying a drink (non-alcoholic for children!) on the hilltops. Then join our experienced guides and drivers on an exciting ride through the forest where you will learn about Transylvania’s wildlife and our efforts to protect this spectacular region!

DEPARTURE: Meet in the main plaza of Sighisoara at 6 PM or at the Angofa Wildlife Center at 6:30 PM.

RETURN: 11:30 PM

DRESS CODE: Dress warmly and wear sturdy shoes.



Participate in a briefing by your local naturalist guide to learn how to spot these elusive animals and meet your drivers.


Depart at 7 PM from the Angofa Wildlife Center to drive through the magical forests of the Carpathian Mountains.


Enjoy a sundowner at sunset with a view of the entire valley.


Search for wildlife at dusk from your vehicle with information from an expert naturalist guide in English, Romanian, or German.


Return to Angofa Wildlife Center between 11 PM – 12 AM for transfer to Sighisoara.



What is included in the cost of the trip?

  • Safety briefing at the Angofa Centre
  • Certified 4×4 vehicle with expert driver
  • English/Romanian-speaking naturalist guide
  • One sundowner drink (wine, beer, or juice)

How can I find the Angofa Centre from Sighișoara?

The Angofa Wildlife Centre is located just 15-minutes from Sighișoara along DJ106. You can see a map of the directions below or search Angofa in Google Maps! If you do not have your own vehicle, we can arrange a transfer to pick you up in the Angofa city center for €10 per person.

Is the tour safe for people and for the bears?

Yes! We work with Romanian naturalists and highly-experienced drivers who have created a safe circuit for our tours that maximizes wildlife viewing opportunities while also avoiding areas where we might disturb the animals. Bears in Romania are relatively used to humans and therefore do not pose a threat as long as they are at a distance and aware of our presence. You can read more about our safety guidelines here.

Can I stay at the Angofa Centre?

Yes! The Angofa Centre has hostel-style rooms, as well as a beautiful terraced yard for camping. The Centre also has hot showers and a full kitchen. You can book to stay at the Centre through our website or on Airbnb. It is an incredible way to enjoy the Romanian countryside, which remains largely unchanged over the past 1000 years.