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  • Amazon Birdwatching Tour

    Observe over 560 species of birds with the help of a local ornithology guide. This four-day/three-night excursion will take you through dozens of habitats to spot macaws, toucans, honeycreepers, tanagers,

  • Amazon Rainforest Tour for Adventure Lovers

    Want to experience the Amazon as the locals do? Join us for our most adventurous tour to go birdwatching at dawn at the top of an emergent tree, kayak the

  • Carpathian Bear Safari

    Explore the striking valleys of the Carpathian valleys at dusk to search for Europe’s largest population of brown bears.

  • Groups enjoying dinner outside at a celebration the Angofa Wildlife Centre, eating traditional Romanian meals that highlight local sustainable agriculture
    Carpathian Wildlife Walks & Dinner

    Savor local Romanian cuisine in a romantic setting and learn about local wildlife and conservation!

  • Family-Friendly Rainforest Tour

    Perfect for families of all ages! Learn about butterfly conservation in Yasuni National Park, go birdwatching from the top of our tallest tree, and even catch piranhas in the lagoon.

  • Brown Bear
    Photograph Wild Transylvania

    Transylvania: A fairytale landscape where bears and humans live in harmony

    Our inaugural Photograph Wild Transylvania tour will lead you through the ancient forests and meadows of Central Romania

  • Transylvanian Bird Tour

    Join an expert birdwatcher to spot Romania’s unique birdlife. Perfect for photographers and bird lovers!

  • A Female African elephant (Loxodonta africana) displaying a warning as she crosses the road in Hluhluwe Game Reserve. Animal Behaviour Volunteering
    Volunteer Placement: Animal Behavior & Human-Wildlife Conflict in Dinokeng Game Reserve

    Project Summary
    Join us in the Dinokeng Reserve (DGR), a unique public-private partnership that is home to the African Big Five (lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino, elephant) as well as 170

  • Cheetah Tongue licking predator research conservation volunteering placement South Africa
    Volunteer Placement: Predator Research & Reserve Management in Kruger National Park

    Project Summary 
    Step into South Africa’s Kruger National Park, one of the most famous game reserves in the world. We work with volunteers like you to monitor and protect the

  • boat tours on rivers in krka national park croatia
    Volunteer Placement: Sustainable Wildlife Management and Development in Krka National Park

    Project Summary
    Welcome to Croatia, one of Europe’s top tourist destinations for nature and culture. Join us to escape Croatia’s crowded tourist track and help protect the hidden treasures within

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