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    Carpathian Bear Safari
    80.00 60.00

    Explore the striking valleys of the Carpathian valleys at dusk to search for Europe’s largest population of brown bears.

  • Sale! Groups enjoying dinner outside at a celebration the Angofa Wildlife Centre, eating traditional Romanian meals that highlight local sustainable agriculture
    Carpathian Wildlife Walks & Dinner
    30.00 15.00

    Savor local Romanian cuisine in a romantic setting and learn about local wildlife and conservation!

  • Brown Bear
    Photograph Wild Transylvania

    Transylvania: A fairytale landscape where bears and humans live in harmony

    Our inaugural Photograph Wild Transylvania tour will lead you through the ancient forests and meadows of Central Romania

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    Transylvanian Bird Tour
    30.00 15.00

    Join an expert birdwatcher to spot Romania’s unique birdlife. Perfect for photographers and bird lovers!

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