Save Guyana’s Wildlife

Visit the remote village of Warapoka to help protect unique wildlife and endangered cultures for future generations.

This indigenous community wants your help to protect their stunning wildlife.

About Warapoka

Warapoka is home to 600 indigenous Warau people that own and protect 101 kmof land in Northwestern Guyana (Region 1), only 20 miles inland from the coast as the crow flies. The Warau are one of Guyana’s smallest indigenous communities who traditionally live subsistence lifestyles in the rainforests and canals of the Waini River. As gold mining threatens the region, Warapoka is fighting against biodiversity loss by developing a cozy and rustic eco-lodge in the center of their village as a launchpad for scientific research and wildlife and cultural tourism. Every visit supports Warapoka’s efforts to study and protect the unique wildlife in their forests, including jaguars, harpy eagles, anaconda, and the elusive agami heron. Visitors also have an opportunity to experience the revival of Warau culture and language in the village as a part of Warapoka’s tourism efforts.

Amazon giants abound here, so come visit to see the best the rainforest has to offer.

Our Accommodations and Adventures

Warapoka has a small tourist lodge with six rooms, all equipped with Queen beds, mosquito nets, a small table and stool, a mirror, a shower, and a flushing toilet. The rooms are comfortable but rustic, keeping you in close connection with the rainforest nearby. The lodge is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset over the river from the verandah sipping a fresh coconut or fall asleep to the sounds of the forest after a long day of exploring. 

Every day’s activities will start and end at the lodge, which sits right in the middle of the village. Throughout the week, you will join your Warau guides and visiting ecologists to set off in search of Harpy eagles or Agami herons, check camera traps for signs of big cats, fish for wild tarpon in the river, and even learn the local art of making cassava bread. As one of the first travelers to visit Warapoka, you’ll have a chance to play a role in studying and conserving the wildlife of this area, all while having the adventure of a lifetime. Check out the full itinerary in the link below.

Your next adventure could leave a positive impact. Dates are limited so book soon!

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