Sani Lodge

Explore the Amazon with its Indigenous Protectors

Want to contribute to conserving the Amazon Rainforest? Visit the communities that own and protect it.

Sani Lodge plays a direct role in preserving the largest community-owned protected area in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The lodge supports the entire Sani Isla community, a Kichwa indigenous community of 800 people, who manage over 40,000 hectares (more than 150 square miles) of virgin Amazon Rainforest, home to thousands of species, and at least nine resident jaguars. 

This area is under imminent threat from the Ecuadorian oil industry, which constantly pushes indigenous communities in the Amazon to sell or lease their land for oil extraction in return for schools, hospitals, roads, and jobs. Sani Lodge and the Sani Isla’s fierce principles have protected this land for over 40 years and continue to do so today. 

Every visitor here has an opportunity to directly contribute to Amazon Rainforest conservation.

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