101 Resources

We have compiled an extensive list of resources that we believe are educational, interesting and inspiring to read, watch or listen to if you are keen to learn about biology, conservation and impacts of climate change. It is important to look at a range of resources to understand these topics in depth and gain a well-rounded viewpoint. This is why we have included over 100 resources to understand everything from the basics, to more in depth topics, to cater for everyone interested in learning a little more about the world around us.

Earthrise Studios

An online platform focused on communicating the climate crisis. They tell human stories of those living on the frontlines of climate change and the activists who have devoted their lives to tackling it. Earthrise debunks the jargon, making it accessible for people of all backgrounds with user-friendly infographics and definitions.

Fridays for Future

Fridays for Future is a global grassroots movement inspired by Greta Thunberg’s protests. This account documents the climate strikes every Friday, used to pressure governments to act against the climate crisis.

Climate in Colour

A platform at the intersection of climate science and social justice. Climate in Colour shares conservation tips usually not shared in the mainstream media and makes climate conversations more diverse and accessible to all people.

Future Earth

A page dedicated to sharing facts, educational resources, infographics, and advice amidst the climate crisis. They also share ‘good news’ and cite all their information.

Intersectional Enviromentalist

Intersectional Environmentalist is an inclusive platform  for environmentalism that advocates for both the protection of people and the planet. It identifies the ways in which injustices happening to marginalized communities and the earth are interconnected.

Climate Diva

A climate communicator, sharing information on sustainable living while still caring about fashion and a fun lifestyle.


Karen Ramos is an indigenous Oaxacan woman living in California who shares content about affordable environmentalism and accessibility in the environmental movement.


Pattiegonia provides a platform for LGBTQ+ representation in natural spaces. Their ultimate goal is to inspire more people to spend time outdoors, particularly those who have historically been excluded from the outdoor community. They work to inspire novice hikers into outdoor activities by breaking down barriers as the sustainable drag queen, Pattiegonia.

Teresa Baker

Teresa Baker is founder of the Outdoor CEO Diversity pledge and the In Solidarity Project. Teresa’s main focus is to engage underrepresented communities in matters of environmental protection and responsibility, in hopes of fostering a shared sense of stewardship of the land.


Teresa spends the majority of her time working with outdoor agencies, organizations, brands and retailers, on ways to welcome a more diverse audience to their boards, staff and campaigns. She does this through outdoor events and speaking engagements across the country.

Nia Tero Foundation

Nia Tero is a US-based non-profit working in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and movements worldwide. Nia Tero works in areas where Indigenous peoples sustain large-scale ecosystems within their collective territories. It was founded by the former President of Conservation International, Peter Seligmann.

Amazon Frontlines

Amazon Frontlines is a non-profit organization working with indigenous peoples to defend their rights to land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon. They share stories from the amazon, including Instagram reels from indigenous partners and updates on the work carried out as an organisation.

Tropical Herping

Tropical Herping is a research, education, and conservation initiative based in Ecuador seeking to preserve tropical amphibians and reptiles through tourism. This page frequently posts incredible herp photography with facts about tropical reptiles and amphibians.


The World Wildlife Fund shares great photography and educational content about species and their habitats. Their instagram shows relevant and up to date content, as well as information and videos of the work they are doing.

UN Environment Programme

Official account of the United Nations Environment Programme. Sharing incredible photography and information on the progress of the programme.

Our Planet EU

Current news and information on the EU environmental action. They provide stories not highlighted in mainstream media about species and our environment, EU strategies and campaigns to get involved in! You can also find informative instagram lives with a variety of perspectives on the topics they cover.

South Rupununi Conservation Society

South Rupununi Conservation Society, is situated in Guyana. This society is run by those living in the region, and are using education, research and conservation to protect and sustain the wildlife in the area. This account provides updates on their projects and amazing videos and photos of wildlife in this area.

Discover Guyana

Guyana’s official destination Instagram page, sharing photography from this beautiful country of culture, adventure and wildlife. The Guyana Tourism Authority are also our partners in setting up programs in the Guiana Shield, launching in Q4 2021.

Only one

A platform for stories, solutions, and community action to protect the ocean, tackle the climate crisis, and help build a more just, equitable planet.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The official Instagram account of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They produce informative infographics and videos on their work and the science behind climate change.

Rewilding Europe

A page dedicated to the call to action for a wilder Europe, with more space for wild nature, wildlife and natural processes. Their aim is to create large, rewilded landscapes in at least 10 different regions across Europe. They share photography of wildlife in countries across the continent.

BBC Earth

Incredible photography of wildlife around the world, shot by BBC studios. With over 7 million followers, they Incorporate both land and marine wildlife. Not to be missed if you love wildlife photography.


With over 2 million followers, this page is dedicated to protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale. They share news of all things ocean alongside incredible underwater and surface photography. They also include animal facts and Instagram reels of talks with those dedicated to the field as well as highlighting important days such as #InternationalDayOfHappiness.

Animal Planet

This page shares clips from animal planet shows, describing itself as “Keeping the childhood joy and wonder of animals alive”.