Delve into the Peruvian Amazon aboard a floating research station

Escape to the Rio Amazonas Research Station in the biodiverse rainforests of Peru to learn about wildlife ecology, Amazon conservation, and local indigenous traditions alongside renowned biology researchers.

About the Rio Amazonas Research Station

The Research Station uses renovated riverboats from the steamship era that are moored on a gorgeous tributary next to the Amazon River. This floating research station is the perfect way to experience the rainforest with all its wonders while enjoying the comforts of this refurbished ship.

The Station has air-conditioned rooms with en-suite hot showers and windows looking out at the river and rainforest, delicious dining that blends Amazon flavors with international favorites, a tropical bar, a relaxing library, and knowledgeable scientific research staff to guide and educate you throughout your stay. You can gaze out the window to see macaws, dolphins, caiman, and otters from the comfort of your cabin.

You travel to and from the station by boat and the larger steamboat is stationary. Throughout each day, you will join the local biologists to paddle and trek through the rainforest to watch birds, research pink river dolphins, monitor monkeys, and visit local indigenous communities.

Most people join us for four days, but every tour is customizable – starting at $200 a day (all-inclusive).

Our Accommodations and Adventures

Your Amazon adventure begins in the bustling city of Iquitos in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. Iquitos is the largest city in South America (>100,ooo people!) that is not accessible by road so you will arrive after a short flight from Lima or Cuzco. Enjoy an evening in a restored rubber-era mansion turned hotel, then head into the rainforest the next morning.

Once you reach the Rio Amazonas Research Station the following morning, the rainforest is yours to explore. This restored rubber boat is the perfect basecamp for exploring the Amazon while helping local and international researchers protect the forest through biodiversity monitoring. While onboard, you will join scientists in surveying local species while also soaking in the beauty of the jungle from the comforts of the ship. Every night, renowned Amazon researcher, Dr. Richard Bodmer, will provide an educational lecture on the wonders of Amazon wildlife, biodiversity, conservation, and indigenous traditions.

Click on our tour page below to read about the specific itinerary available for your stay. Custom itineraries are available for longer stays, so please get in touch through our enquiry form to learn more.

Meet Your Guide: Dr. Richard Bodmer

The Rio Amazonas Research Station is run by Dr. Richard Bodmer, FRSA an honorary professor of Conservation Ecology from the University of Kent. Dr. Bodmer has lived and researched in the Peruvian Amazon for over thirty years and is one of the foremost experts on tropical rainforest ecology.

Dr. Bodmer and his team will accompany you throughout your trip to the research station and provide interpretation for the incredible local wildlife and biodiversity. You will also get a chance to support his team’s conservation efforts hands-on by joining in the monitoring of pink river dolphins, monkeys, local birdlife, caiman, and more.

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