Our Partners

Operation Wallacea (opwall) Logo

Operation Wallacea

Operation Wallacea (Opwall) is a UK-based biodiversity research organization operating long-term monitoring projects in 13 countries around the world. Opwall funds research through student tuition fees from high school and university students who visit these sites to learn how to conduct biodiversity in the field each summer from June to August. Opwall is our sister organization and many of our sites are existing Opwall sites where we are able to expand operations and support conservation through year-round tourism.

Biota Group - Scientifically Based Nature Conservation Logo


Biota is a Croatian company founded by scientists to focus on biodiversity conservation and biotechnology innovation. They own and run the Puljane Research Centre, which operates as a hostel and visitor centre for tourists, students, and scientists looking to view and protect wildlife while staying in Croatia near Krka National Park. The organization also manges significant EU grants for nature conservation and is developing a project to reforest large areas in Europe using drones and AI technology.

Fundatia Adept NGO Logo


Fundatia ADEPT is a Romanian NGO committed to conserving biodiversity and traditional agricultural practices in rural Transylvania. Their aim is to provide value to High Nature Value areas in Europe to ensure an economic future for farmers while maintaining sustainability within the region. Operating out of Saschiz, Romania, ADEPT partners with Friends of Wallacea to run the Angofa Wildlife Centre as a biodiversity research and visitors’ centre for the region.

20000 Leagues Marine Explorers Society NGO Logo - Društvo istraživača mora 20000 Milja

20 000 Leagues Marine Explorers Society

Based in Zadar and Silba Island, Croatia, the 20,000 Leagues Society brings together ambitious marine biologists to take on projects relating to educational and research activities, evaluation, conservation and protection of nature and biodiversity through sustainable development. 20,000 Leagues is committed to marine ecosystem research and protection, as well as sustainable marine resource use to establish Croatia as a country of extraordinary biodiversity. They operate the Silba Marine Research Centre on Silba Island in the Adriatic Sea alongside our other partner NGO on Silba, Deep Blue Explorers.

LTC - Linking Tourism and Conservation NGO Logo

Linking Tourism & Conservation

LT&C is a nonprofit organization based in Norway focused on sharing best practices in tourism that directly supports conservation efforts. We are an official LT&C partner and have published several case studies on their site. Review our examples for Transylvania, Croatia, and Guyana here.

WTSA (Work Travel South Africa) Volunteering Logo


WTSA is South Africa’s leading volunteer organization, mobilizing global volunteers to support conservation and humanitarian development projects throughout the country. WTSA also works alongside WEI (Wildlife and Ecological Investments), a South African biodiversity monitoring organization that manages data collection at WTSA’s volunteer sites throughout the country. We run two volunteer projects with WEI, near Kruger National Park and in the Dinokeng Game Reserve.

Guyana Tourism Authority Logo - South America Undiscovered

Guyana Tourism Authority

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) is a semi-autonomous government body that promotes and develops tourism throughout Guyana. We are currently working with GTA to develop community-led tourism in three indigenous communities in the rainforests at the center of Guyana to provide funding for conservation efforts in these areas. Stay tuned for more updates on this project!

Logo of Angofa Wildlife Tours partner in Romania

Angofa Wildlife Centre

The Angofa Wildlife Centre is a biodiversity research centre based in a restored house in the Angofa valley outside of the city of Sighisoara. The Centre is managed by Friends of Wallacea and ADEPT to increase tourism income within rural areas and support wildlife conservation and sustainable agriculture in Transylvania. The Centre was established in February 2020.