Step into the wild, just outside of Sighișoara...

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Transylvanian Bird Tour

Join an expert birdwatcher to spot Romania’s unique birdlife. Perfect for photographers and bird lovers!

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Carpathian Wildlife Walks & Dinner

Savor local Romanian cuisine in a romantic setting and learn about local wildlife and conservation!

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Carpathian Bear Safari

Explore the striking valleys of the Carpathian valleys at dusk to search for Europe’s largest population of brown bears.

Meet the Medieval Wildlife of Modern Europe

Romania’s Carpathian Mountains are one of Europe’s last medieval landscapes, where traditional farming methods contribute to enormous biodiversity, almost unseen across the rest of Europe for hundreds of years. The Tarnava Mare region, where the Angofa Research Centre is based, comprises 85,000 hectares of flower-rich grasslands supporting the continent’s last remaining lowland bears, as well as lynx, wolves, wild boar, hundreds of birds, and rare butterflies.

Transylvania’s medieval land-use pattern – forested ridges and gullies, pasture and hay meadows on gentler slopes and terraces, and arable land and smaller meadows on the flat valley bottoms near villages – directly support the continued protection of Romania’s wildlife. The Angofa Wildlife Centre helps supports local farmers by helping them build small businesses that incentivize the protection of local wildlife through traditional agricultural practices.

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Where to Find Us

Just a 15-minute drive from Sighișoara - or we can send a transfer to get you!

Help us protect Transylvanian wildlife and heritage.
Volunteer at the Angofa Wildlife Centre.

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