What You Need to Know about COVID and Traveling in Guyana

Being stuck in a global pandemic may have put your adventuring spirit on pause, but many people are still dreaming of their next trip. Guyana has not been exempt from the effects of Covid-19; however, international borders are currently open, so it may be an ideal destination for your next trip. If you are looking to experience a new culture and see unique wildlife then here’s what you need to know about Covid and travelling in Guyana.

Crossing the Border into Guyana

Are things starting to settle down in your home country to the point that you’re thinking about starting to travel again? If Guyana is on your bucket list I am sure you have many questions but before you can think about the adventures that you will go on, you must first consider if you can even land or cross the border. At the moment (article last updated January 2021), Guyana’s borders are open to regional and international air travel, but that doesn’t mean you can just hop onto Expedia and book the next flight. You now need a negative COVID-19 test (PCR) from a recognized medical institution to enter Guyana. These results must be submitted electronically at least 24 hours before travel via an online passenger locator form, linked here.

So, how soon do you need to be tested before travelling? Results are valid if you’ve been tested within 7 days of travel; however, if tested more than 72 hours before travel an additional test will be conducted on arrival. COVID testing is available at the airport and approximately $85.00 USD, although pricing and availability are subject to change. 

If results are positive, then you must self-isolate for 14 days in a suitable home, hotel or government isolation facility. If you get a negative result within 72 hours of arrival you don’t need further testing. Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing must be followed in all public areas. It should be noted at the time of writing, rapid test, antibody or antigen tests will not be accepted for travel to Guyana.

Upon Arrival in Guyana

Once you’ve touched down in the land of many waters you can’t get too distracted by the sights and sounds or get carried away by the ocean breeze at the sea wall. Guyana may be a hidden paradise, still, travellers must be wary of Covid-19. 

In a population of 788,302, Guyana has had a total of 6125 cases, 159 deaths and 5319 recovered patients although these are numbers which change daily.  Since their first case on March 11th, Guyana has implemented numerous health protocols and guidelines, varying from lockdowns to curfews, and other restrictions to public and private gatherings. Refer to The Government of Guyana’s latest official gazette for recent updates of the country’s Covid-19 measures.

What Areas Are Safe for Travel in Guyana?

While this pandemic is still an unchartered territory and the situation changes daily, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) is doing their best to plot the best course ahead to accommodate Guyana’s travel and tourism sector. GTA is releasing a rolling list of tourism businesses marked ‘Safe for Travel’. These locations have been inspected and granted conditional approval linked to the National COVID-19 measures and GTA’s recommended hygiene and sanitation protocols for local tourism businesses.

The following approved locations can commence welcoming travellers to their sites: 

  1. Elite Kayaking & Nature tours 
  2. Arrow Point Nature Resort 
  3. Atta Rainforest Lodge (Community-owned)
  4. Waikin Ranch 
  5. Sloth Island Nature Resort 
  6. Rock View Lodge 
  7. Baganara Island Resort
  8. Iwokrama River Lodge
  9. Hurakabra River Resort 
  10. Rewa EcoLodge (Community-Run)
  11. Wanderlust Adventures GY 
  12. Karanambu Lodge
  13. Piraiba Lodge

Further updates to places marked ‘Safe for Travel’ can be found on the Guyana Tourism Authority’s Facebook page

Preparing to visit Guyana under normal circumstances is a big decision, making that choice in a global pandemic involves more planning to be able to safely enjoy any wildlife experiences. Friends of Wallacea is working with the GTA to curate tourism packages tailored to your adventurer needs. Go to our Guyana page and drop your email for updates of when we begin our Guyana tours.

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