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20 Ways to Volunteer and Support Conservation from Home

One of the best ways to combat this global period of high stress is to give back. Many of us trapped at home have not stopped thinking about the urgency of the climate crisis, even as we combat this pandemic.

While it might be more difficult than usual to get to outdoor spaces to support conservation efforts on the ground, you can still make a difference from home. Many organizations need help with translation, fundraising, social media, animal IDs, and more. Think about which skills you can offer, and then reach out to offer support!

These nonprofits have likely seen fundraising efforts and volunteer support drop during the pandemic. If you have time to make a difference, we created a list of organizations currently looking for virtual volunteers. Volunteering is not only a great way to support a cause you care about, but also can improve your mood – and provides great experience to launch your career.

Check out the following list for current opportunities to volunteer in conservation from home.

  1. Smithsonian Transcription Center – Transcribe real field notes for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!
  1. United Nations – Volunteer for the United Nations to support Sustainable Development Goals such as Climate Action, Life on Land, and Life below Water!
  1. TED Talks – Translate videos so they can be more accessible for people all across the globe!
  1. eBird – Record & track sightings of birds to aid conservation efforts!
  1. National Park Service – Use your web development skills to help out the National Park Service!
  1. Zooniverse – Help out researchers with anything from transcribing notes to monitoring seabird populations!
  1. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds – Volunteer in one of many different positions from an event organizer to a treasurer!
  1. Togean Conservation Foundation – Work as a volunteer aiding conservation in Indonesia. Roles range from translator to awareness campaign volunteer!
  1. ZSL Instant Wild – You work to tag animal species across the plains of Africa seen in camera traps! You are provided a guide which will help you identify animals!
  1. SciStarter – Use this site to find a wide variety of citizen science opportunities near you!
  1. GivingWay – Help communities all across the world with tasks ranging from designing logos for conservation organizations to writing grant proposals for nonprofits!
  1. Do It – Help with fundraising, grant proposal writing, and marketing for various non-profit organizations!
  1. Catchafire – Use Catchafire as a resource to locate other online volunteering opportunities so you can make a difference!
  1. Project Noah – Project Noah is a citizen science app that is dedicated to exploring and documenting any wildlife you see either at home or out in nature. By contributing, you are aiding scientists in biodiversity monitoring and boosting efforts for conservation!
  1. iNature – iNature is another citizen science app that you can use to record the species which you find in the wild. You can also interact with other people just as passionate about conservation as you are!
  1. LeafSnap – LeafSnap is an app that you can download for your phone which you can use to document and upload pictures of trees, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc. you come across. Once you upload your findings, it is used to help scientists map population distributions of flora across the country.
  1. Budburst – You can use Budburst to track data regarding the timing of life cycles (phenophases) in plants near you! The data is used by scientists in publications that you can read on their website.
  1. Birdseye Birding – When it comes to this citizen science app, the name is pretty self-explanatory. You can use the app to record sightings of birds that you find as well as learning new tips to find more rare birds yourself.
  1. BugGuide – BugGuide gives you the opportunity to learn what it is like to be an entomologist! Document the insects you see out and about so you can help professionals carry out research on various insect-related topics.
  1. VolunteerMatch – VolunteerMatch is a great resource you can use to find volunteering opportunities in almost any conservation-related field. Right now, there are over 61,000 volunteers needed so head over to see if any opportunities match your skills!

If you want to go deeper into finding volunteering opportunities that support a conservation career, check out our Conservation Careers eBook here.

Or, if you are able to volunteer in person, check out our current openings (available 2021 too!):

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