Local wildlife conservation
starts with you.




Communities that make a sustainable income from wildlife tourism can afford to protect their local ecosystems.

Ready to explore the world’s remotest places? Get inspired by our intrepid travelers:

2 Scuba Divers diving in the Adriatic Sea from the Silba Island Marine Conservation Base and Dive Centre in Croatia

Life on Silba Island

July 13, 2020

This piece is adapted from a blog by Lisa

What Can the World Learn from Romania’s Unique Conservation Model?

Romania’s Carpathian Mountains protect over 35% of Europe’s brown

Looking up at the underside of 3 Species of Transylvanian Herp in a clear tray

10 Species of Herps to Look Out For in Transylvania

Often overlooked, herps (which comprise of reptiles and amphibians)

Supporting Transylvania’s Small Businesses During Covid-19

Transylvania’s farms and small businesses play an essential role

Most popular tours

Carpathian Bear Safari
80.00 60.00

Explore the striking valleys of the Carpathian valleys at dusk to search for Europe’s largest population of brown bears.

Sale! Groups enjoying dinner outside at a celebration the Angofa Wildlife Centre, eating traditional Romanian meals that highlight local sustainable agriculture
Carpathian Wildlife Walks & Dinner
30.00 15.00

Savor local Romanian cuisine in a romantic setting and learn about local wildlife and conservation!

Transylvanian Bird Tour
30.00 15.00

Join an expert birdwatcher to spot Romania’s unique birdlife. Perfect for photographers and bird lovers!



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